...die eigentlich aus Zufall entstanden sind. Das Rezept ist eigentlich aus einem der Rezept-Hefte, die an den Kassen im Supermarkt zu haben sind. Bei den "Schnell-und-günstig" Rezepten war dann eins von Müsli-Talern. Weil ich die Zutaten ziemlich alle daheim hatte, hab ich das dann am Wochenende ausprobiert. Dazu sollte ich noch sagen, dass ich durchaus ein gewisses Talent fürs Backen und Kochen hab, und vor allem gut bin im improvisieren, wenn irgendwas nicht ganz nach Rezept läuft. 

Die erste Improvisation war, dass ich etwas zuviel Datteln in der Schüssel hatte, genauer gesagt dreimal soviel wie im Rezept stand. Meine Schätzung vom Gewicht der Datteln war dann doch leicht daneben. Also hab ich kurzerhand die dreifache Menge gemacht. Dabei musste ich den vielen Teig auf zwei Schüsseln aufteilen, und das hat dann meine Mengeneinschätzung vom Salz etwas durcheinander gebracht. Die "Prise" ist etwas mehr geworden, und das Salz war nach dem Backen durchaus schmeckbar. Aber: dann hat Dominik sie probiert. Und prompt als Trainingsnahrung ausprobiert. Dadurch, dass sie Salz enthalten, keinen Zucker, aber einiges an Eiweiss und Kohlenhydraten, sind sie auch ernährungstechnisch attraktiv. Die Cookies haben sich für Dominik wirklich als ideale Sportnahrung herausgestellt, nicht nur im Training, sondern auch im Wettkampf. 

Bei nachfolgenden Keksproduktionen habe ich dann, damit der Eiweiss-Gehalt noch etwas hoch geht, Süsslupinenmehl hinzu gefügt. 

Hier also nun das Rezept:

  • 50g Datteln (entkernt)
  • 250g Haferflocken, am besten die feinen Köllnflocken oder ähnliches
  • 250g Dinkelmehl
  • 50g Kokosraspeln
  • 240g Sonnenblumenkerne
  • 100g getrocknete Cranberries (oder Weinbeeren)
  • 30g Sesam
  • 20g Süsslupinenmehl
  • 2 TL Salz (original war es 1 TL)
  • 100ml Sonnenblumenöl
  • 110g Honig (auch austauschbar mit Agavendicksaft)
  • 120ml Mandelmilch
  • Laut Rezept gibt das 16 Kekse. Ich mach sie jedoch etwas kleiner, weil sie dann auch auf dem Velo gut essbar sind. 

Die Kekse sind bei mir gebacken ca. 20g schwer, und enhalten grob gerechnet 80-85 kcal, bei 10g Kohlehdrate.



This dish was named "freestyle curry" by Dominik, as once again I had only cross-read a recipe I had found somewhere, then bought different ingredients and cooked it as I felt it would come out nicely. And it sure did! So here we go:

Ingredients (4 portions)

200g okra

200g carrots

350g potatoes

150g mushrooms

1 onion, chopped

1 can of tomato (in pieces, not puree) or 2 large tomatoes, cut in dices

1 chili / 1-2 tbsp chili powerd

2-3cm / 1 inch fresh ginger, chopped 

2-3 garlic, chopped

1 tbsp coriander powder

1/2 tbsp turmeric powder

1/2 - 1 tbsp Garam Masala


vegetable oil

fresh cilantro/coriander 


How to?

Rinse okra, dry them with kitchen paper, remove base and stalks and chop in 1cm pieces

Peel and cut potatoes in dices, fry with vegetable oil about 10 minutes in a large pan. Add okra and fry until both potatoes and okra are soft (okra will not be very slimy if there is no water involved in the frying process). Remove and set aside. 

Add oil again if needed, fry the onion until translucent. Add garlic, ginger and keep frying for about 5 minutes. Add one after the other the chopped chili and spices, followed by the tomatoes and mushroom. 

Once you found the right spiciness for your taste, add again the okra and potatoes, and stir well. 

Garnish with cilantro and serve with rice or naan. 

Perfect to be reheated!

Also open for more freestyling... in the version below I also added a handful garden peas.

Ready to be served! 

I got the inspiration for this from a colleague at work (who is a Chef), who served a lobster avocado salad. It had tasted so good that tonight I decided to try something similar with leftovers I had at home and created my own special variation:


INGREDIENTS (2 persons)

3/4 avocado

3/4 plum

a handful cooked kidney beans

1/2 passionfruit

juice of 1/2 lime

parsley or cilantro (coriander) 

1 red chili

2 scallops

juice of 1 lime (to marinate scallops)

salt, pepper, white balsamico vinegar


First of all marinate the scallops in lime juice until they lose their raw aspect and adpot a light white color. This might take an hour or two. If you don't like raw seafood you can skip this and then just quickly fry them in a pan in a bit of olive oil. 

Cut avocado in pieces, add some salt and chopped cilantro. As cilantro is mainly a love-it or hate-it for many you can easily exchange cilantro with parsley (at least for the looks, though not for the special taste). Chop the chili and take out the seeds, mix with the avocado. Add kidney beans.

Chop the plum and mix together with the passionfruit under the avocado-bean mix. Season with salt, pepper and vinegar. 

Fill in low glasses and place the scallop in one piece (or cut in 4) on top. Garnish with a leaf of cilantro. 

Bon provecho!

Christmas is on the doorstep and as this year we are not away but actually staying in beautiful Switzerland I had thought about home decoration and Christmas cookies. And gingerbread. 

Just for the record: world's best gingerbread, or Lebkuchen as we call them in German, are made by my Grandma. I truly hope the recipe of hers will be handed down to daughters and granddauthers eventually. 

Anyway, in a wonderful and very useful cookbook for VW Bus owners I came across the idea of a gingerbread VW Bus. Probably everone has once had or made a gingerbread house.... my first try with the house a couple of years ago wasn't that bad, so I though I'd give it a try. The result might not be perfect, but it's not bad at all either:


And here's my step by step explanation:

1 - do yourself a plan, or get from the book mentioned above

2 - I didn't use the recipe in the book for the loaf, but a different one:

3 - Dough: 600 g honey; 200 g candied lemon peel (Zitronat), 100 g candied orange peel (Orangeat), 750 g flour, 20 g gingerbread spice, 1 EL cacao, 20 g natron

Icing: 2 eggwhites, about 400 g powdered sugar

Let the honey with about 1/8l water boil. Mince the candied lemon and orange peel thoroughly. Mix flour, citron, orange, spice, cacao in a large bowl, add the honey after it has cooled a bit. Dissolve the natron in 3 tablespoons of water and add to the dough. Knead to a smooth dough. Let it rest for about an hour at room temperature. Then knead again. 

4 - Divide into 3 or 4 pieces. Roll the dough piece by piece, it should be max 5mm thick. Cut out the different parts of the bus and bake about 15 minutes at 175 degree C. 

Let the parts cool out before actually putting them together. 

For the icing: Beat eggwhite until stiff. Add the powdered sugar and mix until chewy. Use as glue.

5 - To build the vehicle, the  you can use cups for stabilization and fix the parts with toothpicks. You should let the icing dry about so it's stable before adding the next part. 

6 - Decoration: Be creative! 

I used mainly icing, chocolate, smarties, gums and a bit of food colors.

Our bus is not perfect, it doesn't actually stand on its wheels, but sits on the body, but it's still a beauty. We decorated it rather flower-power style than christmas-y and are planning on NOT eating it. The recipe above leaves you with additional dough (if you don't need more than 1 try to get decent parts) to make actual ginerbread cookies to eat. 

7 - Here's the final product:


Et voila!

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