Glaciers ~ a new kind of adventure for MELA

The moving waters of the mountains .... Glaciers! 

A year ago when I was packing my equipment for the weekend, I packed BCD, regulator, my Suunto, fins, mask, maybe a shorty or a 5mm neo. Now, the equipment is not necessarily less heavy, but for a different kind of water..... glaciers. 

I am excited like a kid to do my first tour on a glacier this upcoming weekend. Don't get me wrong, I have been skiing on glaciers. 

But I have not yet done altitude hiking..... so, as this again is a sport that requires a certain amount of equipment, and training on how to use it, in order to be safe, I am doing a training this weekend with the Basel mountaineering club. 

Saturday morning 5.36 am we start our trip, at about 10am we should be at the foot of the glacier... the rest of the day will be different exercises, including rescue out of a crevice, something I certainly hope I will never have to perform (pretty much similar to rescuing a unconscious diver...). 

Overnight is planned at the Tierbergli SAC Hütte, 

Sunday a planned tour up to the Gwächtenhorn, 3420m. Which will for the moment be the highest peak I have climbed myself, at least from a relatively low starting point. 

If you wanna follow the route.... here's the map

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